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Ultimate Guide to Planning a Tipi Wedding: Everything You Need to Know

There is just something about a tipi. The form itself is ancient, imbued with the sort of mystical power that casts a most enchanting spell on any occasion, making it especially well suited to that most special of special days – your wedding. There's no doubt that tipis are blessed with a very special atmosphere and yet they also offer the unique possibility for anyone to put their own imprint on the décor and layout with any theme you can dream up becoming a tangible possibility. There are many considerations to take on board when planning a tipi wedding to ensure that all the essentials are present and any special requirements have been planned for. The weather on our shores is not exactly known for its predictability, so having a tipi is the perfect intermediate solution for those looking to get closer to nature without the risk of a washout.

Choosing a venue

Perhaps the most important decision you will make, besides the choice of provider (which we hope you've already made!) is where you are going to host the wedding. You will need permission from the owner of the land – plenty of landowners rent out their fields for such occasions – and you will have many prerequisites to consider. You will need a venue with the space to accommodate your tipi or tipis, as well as toilet facilities, generators and anything else such as space for any games, live music or food wagons. You will also need to consider accessibility for any guests with any special requirements. You will also want to consider the placement of any tipis on site according to such factors as the sun (a great view of any sunset can make the day) and accessibility.

Let there be light

The lighting of a tipi and outside thereof is of real importance when it comes to setting the right ambiance for your day and especially the evening. Lighting desired pathways between distinct areas will be essential to avoid any accidents and create a magical setting. Lighting within the tipi can look sensational and asking advice from your friendly tipi hire company is highly recommended!

Getting the layout right

Your first decision is how many tipis you need. You may want a totally separate tipi for dancing and entertainment to the main tipi for dining. Having a couple of distinct places can work really well. Either way, your next decision centres on how you choose to create the perfect layout inside your tipi(s). Providing the right spot for any entertainment is vital and you want there to be plenty of space between tables for guests to mingle.

Make sure guests will be warm enough

Certain tipis can accommodate a special open fire, which will create a really special atmosphere and keep your guests nice and toasty long into the night. In addition there are heaters that can be surreptitiously placed under the tipi skirt and you might want to think about providing blankets depending on the season.

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