So you fancy a Tipi party...

...Then you've come to the right place!

Yes, we do Weddings...but did you know we're also pretty good at throwing one heck of a Tipi party!? 

Totem's Party Package

Our Party Package comes inclusive of everything you will need to make sure you can celebrate any event in style.  

No matter if its a 1 Tipi or a 3 Tipi party we have everything to make your party look simply amazing!

Whats Included?

- The Tipi(s) (Obviously!) 

- Carpets

- x1 Fire Pit (with an evenings worth of logs)

- Blanket Box (To snuggle up in around the fire)

- Bar 

- Fairy lights

- Spot lights

- Dance Floor

- Disco ball

- Long tables and benches

- Music system (Including PA, Speakers and Microphone)

- Decoration (if required, please ask to see what we can offer)

*please note; a 1 tipi party will include either a dance floor OR a fire pit, not both* 

How do I make my party bigger and better? 

...Add some extras! 

- Tipi extension...

Add that little extra space for a bar, band or DJ!

- Festoon lighting...

Why not light up the night in style with some festoon lighting on the outside of your tipis!

- Floor level Stage

Hiring a band or DJ? Why not make them centre stage and really give your party the added festival feel!

- Festoon walkway

Make an entrance with your very own 10m carpeted festoon walkway 


-Fire pit

Why not heat things up and add an extra fire pit to your party...inside or out!

Perfect for warming up on a chilly evening or for toasting marshmallows!




Whats next?

Step 1: How many Tipis will you need?

Step 2: What do you need in it? 

Step 3: Do we need to add any extras?

Step 4: How are we decorating it? 

Step 5: Go to our contact page and get in touch for a quote


But most importantly...




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