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Holiday Party

Fancy a


You've come to the right place as we most definitely know how to throw one almighty shindig!

Tipi Party venue near me (North Yorkshire)


Inclusive of everything you will need to make sure you can celebrate any event in style.  

No matter if it's a 1 Tipi or a 3 Tipi party we have everything to make your party look simply amazing!

Whats Included?

- The Tipi(s) (Obviously!) 

- Carpets

- x1 Fire Pit (with an evenings worth of logs)

- Blanket Box (To snuggle up in around the fire)

- Bar (Inside or outside and available with or without bar staff)

- Fairy lights

- Spot lights

- Dance Floor

- Disco ball

- Long tables and benches

- Music system (Including PA and Speakers)

- Decoration (if required, please ask to see what we can offer)

*please note; a 1 tipi party will include either a dance floor OR a fire pit, not both* 


tipi party hire

How do I make my party


It's simple, add some extras! 

- Tipi extension...

Add that little extra space for a bar, band or DJ!

-Festoon lighting...

Why not light up the night in style with some festoon lighting on the

outside of your tipis!

 -Floor level Stage

Hiring a band or DJ? Why not make them centre stage and really give

your party the added festival feel!

- Festoon walkway

Make an entrance with your very own 10m carpeted festoon walkway 

- Fire pit

Why not heat things up and add an extra fire pit to your party...

inside or out! Perfect for warming up on a chilly evening or for

toasting marshmallows

Whats next?

Step 1: How many Tipis will you need?

Step 2: What do you need in it? 

Step 3: Do we need to add any extras?

Step 4: How are we decorating it? 

Step 5: Go to our contact page and get in touch for a quote


But most importantly...



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