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Finishing Touches

The tipis on their own are already a stunning sight but when furnished and dressed they look truly breath taking!
In addition to supplying the tipi structures, we can also supply decoration, seating and styling required to make your wedding or event truly unique. Why not check out 
some inspiration by clicking on each section to see what we can offer! 



Professional and Beautiful

We supply rustic, solid wood tables and benches which perfectly match the tipi styles however, if you would like more of a traditional look, then we can also supply round tables and chairs.



Cosy and Fun

We can offer indoor and outdoor fire pits to keep your guests toasty and create an intimate atmosphere in the tents. If the weather is cold, we can add blow heaters to the tipis to keep your guests warm. Our safe, indoor fire pits create a cosy atmosphere and focal point for your guests and our space heaters add warmth all year round.

Elegant Table Arrangement


An Exquisite Experience

The tipis are a blank canvas! We can help you (let’s not lie, we LOVE this bit!!) to create your wedding style, or you can go it alone and decorate with friends and family to create a truly unique venue. We have a vast array of decorations in stock but if we don’t already have it in stock then we will know someone who does. All weddings and events are tailored to your individual specification so we can work together to design and create your special event.



Professional and Beautiful

There are lots of lighting options available and tipis look amazing when they are it with hundreds of fairy lights, a festoon entranceway or with a wash of light from our pole mounted house lights we can work together to find the right lighting to set the perfect mood for your big day.


Weather Proofing

Keep the Weather Out

If you want to completely weatherproof your tipis for a wintery, wet or windy event then the weather proof system is perfect. The system can be placed in the centre of 2 tipis to allow you to have the benefit of having the sides of the tipi up, still enjoying the views, whilst keeping the weather out.



Dancing Feet

To keep your guests refreshed and entertained we can supply dance floors, low level staging, bar and a sparkling, magical disco ball.



Little Extra Space

Our extension is a really simple and cost effective way of adding a little extra space for a bar or a band.



Make a Grand Entrance

The porch adds a touch of grander to the entrance of the tipis and is also great for use in wintery weather to create a stylish entrance but keep the cold out!

What a fab day at Ackworth Grange, a new


The possibilities...

Our smaller Midi tipi (or Kung) is perfect for that extra space and WOW factor either as a separate bar, chill out or naked Midi area or why not even attach it to your main tipi structure for the extra dancing room


Catering Tent

Diner is Served

Our catering tents can be linked to the main tipis to ensure a fully covered join between the catering tent and the tipis. The catering tent comes with working lights, interlocking plastic flooring and trestle tables


Chill-out Furniture

And Relax

To create a cosy chill out area inside the tipis you can hire our chill out package which consists of a choice of chill out furniture, Moroccan pouffes and the all-important blanket box.


Anchorage Kit

Pitch Anywhere! 

If you don’t have a patch of grass to put the tipis on then we have a way of setting up on hard standing using our anchorage kit and ballast barrels.

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