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Juggling Multiple Businesses without Dilution of Quality – Brett Jackson's Secrets to Success

Brett Jackson began his entrepreneurial life as a wedding singer having studied music at uni. He was introduced to the wedding sector and fell in love with the business, spotting a gap in the market. Garden Weddings was born and Brett and his partner realised that owning high-end tipis and marquees would be a game-changer, which it was. Over the years Garden Weddings' success story was such that Brett and his business partner were able to take on Boutipi and Totem Tipi, who themselves had garnered solid reputations in the area prior to Brett et al taking them on.

tipi company


One of the keys to being able to juggle these businesses, driving them forwards and never compromising lies in there amazing relationship with Skipbridge Country Weddings. This is an award winning and beautiful, picturesque venue which was awarded the UK's top wedding venue in the TWIA awards in 2022. Having Skipbridge as a reliable, prestigious venue has served as a wonderful foundation for Brett's multiple businesses. Brett also has TipiEvents, which focusses on tipi events in city centres for both summer and winter purposes.


Never one to rest on his laurels, Brett has recently gone into the manufacturing sector, forging Crafted Canvas – a giant tipi and (soon) sailcloth manufacturer, based here in the UK. Brett reveals, in his conversation with Open Air magazine that they had offered to purchase an existing manufacturer but had their offer rejected, so instead they launched their own enterprise from scratch, with the noble objective of improving on the current market offerings.


One of the great things about these related, but diverse businesses is their differing structures and strengths. As Brett told Open Air, Crafted Canvas has great margins, but is new to the market. The tent hire businesses can make great money but comes with relatively high costs, while TipiEvents can generate substantial turnover but requires more investment and comes with greater risk.

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