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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue: Marquee Hire vs Tipi Hire

Selecting the right venue is a crucial decision in the planning of your wedding. Partners are often drawn on choosing between the traditional marquee hire and the rustic charm of a tipi. Both options have unique features, and this article discusses both alternatives to help you choose your perfect wedding venue.

Tipi Hire

Nowadays more couples lean towards a tipi hire than the traditional Yorkshire marquee hire.

Here are some considerations of why you should choose a wedding tipi:

· Rustic and Romantic Atmosphere: Tipis create a cosy, romantic, and rustic atmosphere that you will struggle to experience with a more traditional wedding venue.

· Touch of Nature: The open design of a tipi located in an outdoor setting, allows you to celebrate your special day surrounded by nature. Most tipi wedding venues are located in beautiful locations that provide stunning views.

· Customisable: Wedding tipis are extremely customisable, as they allow you to modify the interior design to match your wedding theme. You can decorate with distinctive lighting, rustic furniture, and other features to create your desired atmosphere.

· Flexible Sizing: Tipis can be opened up from the sides to create more room and to join multiple tipis together. Therefore, tipis can accommodate no matter the size of your guest list.

· Unique Photo Opportunities: The distinct look of tipis with the stunning views in the background will provide picturesque photos that are one of a kind.

· Weather Resistance: Whilst tipis provide the best experience in good weather conditions, they are suitable in various seasons as they can be equipped with heating and cooling systems.

Marquee Hire

· Versatility: Marquees are known for their versatility as their blank canvas can be designed to suit your wedding theme and style.

· Size: Marquees come in various sizes which allows you to accommodate a small and large guest list. This flexibility enables everyone you want can share your special day with you.

· Weather Resistance: A significant benefit of a wedding marquee are that they can withstand almost all weather conditions, allowing weddings to occur all year round.

· Entertainment: The design of a marquee is ideal for live music such as DJs, singers, and other forms of entertainment that you desire on your wedding day.


Choosing between a marquee and a tipi depends on your budget and your personal preferences for the atmosphere you wish to create on the day. Marquees are more suitable for all weather conditions and provide a cheaper alternative for larger guest lists. However, tipis seem to be the primary choice due to their beautiful, romantic scenery.

Take time considering these options so you can confidently choose the perfect wedding venue for your special day.

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