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Outdoor Tipi Wedding: Weatherproofing and Backup Plans

Tipi wedding venues provide the perfect balance between escaping to the great outdoors and having the necessary foundation for organizing a wedding that will not be ruined by inclement weather. These things don't plan themselves, however, and if you wish to provide a fully weatherproof tipi wedding it is certainly important to make sure you think of most eventualities and even have a bit of a back-up plan factored in.

Wet weather contingency

While there are ways to make sure that bad weather won't in any way ruin a tipi wedding it is worth considering some contingency plans in the event of a wash-out. For instance if you have something like an ice cream cart (outdoors) planned, you may want to have an indoor marshmallow toasting back-up, or an indoor sweet stand in case of terrible weather. Umbrella stands, filled with umbrellas could also form part of a backup plan. Having the peace of mind that this sort of planning encourages is priceless.

Cold weather contingency

There's nothing worse than being too cold at an event. With this in mind it is worth looking ahead at the evening temperatures and deciding on the need for any heating and if so which kind? There is the wonderful option of a special tipi-friendly open fire depending on the tipi you've arranged and there are also some great heaters that can be tucked away out of side around the fringe of the tipi, while cosy blankets are another very nice touch.

Are tipis waterproof?

Fortunately tipis are waterproof and apart from a bit of a drip from a lifted side at the entrance, once inside a tipi you and your guests will remain nice and dry whatever the weather. There are also some clear frontages available for tipis, so if the weather forecast looks set in for rain you can hire these to give your guests the fantastic view you'd hoped they'd have in spite of the rain. The flooring of a tipi for events is a kind of mat laid down over plastic membranes to keep the water out and your feet dry!

Outdoor ceremonies

If you have planned an outdoor ceremony it is definitely worth having a back-up plan. The great thing about tipis is their versatility and it may be the case that you have the tipi (or one of your tipis if you are hiring more than one) set up for the ceremony just in case.

Getting everything in place in advance

Making sure everything is set up inside the tipi with plenty of time to spare can save you from any panics in the event of a last minute shower or change of weather. You will be safe in the knowledge that the tables are dressed, the décor is finished and any soft furnishings are in situ. It's better to err on the side of caution and be prepared than be faced with any last minute shocks. That way you will also notice if there are any last minute finishing touches that you'd like implemented.

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